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OpenLabel Slot Machines

OpenLabel is a revolutionary new way of playing slot machines. Until now casinos and manufacturers have jealously guarded the payback returns of their slot machines. OpenLabel has changed all that. The OpenLabel Calculator lets you determine the return (also known as the payback percentage) of specially labeled OpenLabel slot machines. It eliminates the guesswork and lets you play with knowledge.

Since OpenLabel slot machines are progressive machines, the return changes as the progressive jackpot changes. By checking out several OpenLabel slot machines with the OpenLabel Calculator, you might find some that are returning over 100%. This is not an error—returns of over 100% are a normal part of progressive slot machines. But now, with OpenLabel, you will know when that happens!

OpenLabel Logo
Look for this logo to find OpenLabel slot machines.

The OpenLabel Calculator

If you are wondering where you can get an OpenLabel Calculator, chances are you already have one. If you have a cell phone or mobile device with Web access just use it to go to the following URL: This site is the OpenLabel Calculator—you don’t have to download anything. Bookmark it so you’ll always be ready to use it.

Then locate an OpenLabel slot machine. You’ll see a clearly marked label with the OpenLabel logo on it. Near the logo you’ll see a code number. Enter this code number into the OpenLabel Calculator. Then enter the current dollar value of the progressive jackpot. Click on “Get Return.”

OpenLabel Calculator
The OpenLabel Calculator. It might look different on your mobile device, but it works the same.

Additional Information

There is no magic formula for winning at slot machines and the OpenLabel Calculator does not provide one. It tells you the theoretical return, which applies in the “long run.” The return percentage is the amount that the slot machine returns to players, on average, over the “full cycle” of the game, for every dollar wagered.

Keep in mind that this is only an average. In the “short run” the machine can pay back more, or less, than the theoretical return, and sometimes even nothing. To get into the long run you have to play through several jackpot cycles. It can take a long time to hit the jackpot.

The OpenLabel Calculator helps here too. In addition to calculating the percentage payback return, it also tells you how many hours, on average, it takes to hit the jackpot. Once again, this is only an average figure. It does not mean that you will hit the jackpot after that many hours. The hours calculation is based on 750 player spins per hour.

If you want to practice using the OpenLabel Calculator before entering the casino, here are some examples. Hover over the OpenLabel logos to see the answers.

Slot Code Jackpot
1. Return: 99.4%  Hours: 35 132243619 $1,638.46
2. Return: 96.8%  Hours: 130 246572791 $3,035.26
3. Return: 101.1%  Hours: 86 837722889 $37,385.95
4. Return: 114.6%  Hours: 21 831220834 $5,336.70
5. Return: 92.2%  Hours: 56 176479460 $13,622.39

OpenLabel Licensing & Consulting

Pharos Gaming, Inc. licenses the OpenLabel system to casinos and provides OpenLabel consulting to casinos on the operation and promotion of progressive jackpot slots and games using the OpenLabel system. Casinos interested in licensing and consulting can e-mail us at:

OpenLabel is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 6,283,473; 6,656,052.